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Wheelchair Winch

Wheelchair Winch

This reliable and safe solution provides powered winching of a wheelchair and occupant into an accessible vehicle with a rear access ramp

Mobility Networks’ access solutions are trusted worldwide to deliver utmost usability, reliability and safety. The Wheelchair Winch from Mobility Networks reflects these qualities as it provides an effective and controlled means to pull a wheelchair and occupant into an adapted vehicle.


This powered solution consists of a motor unit fixed to the vehicle flooring that houses a retractable belt. This belt has universal karabiners which easily attach to all models of wheelchair. Powered assistance can then be deployed in a controlled manner when loading a disabled passenger.

The Wheelchair winch encompasses a quiet and efficient winching mechanism that is operated via an ergonomic roaming handset. Anti-roll-back sensors stop any rear movement if winching is halted during the loading procedure.

Safety is further enhanced by the ability to cease winching operation if any obstructions are sensed. Combined with an anti-overload sensor, the winch from Mobility Networks is the solution for strain-free loading of wheelchair passengers with peace of mind.


  • Strong, reliable and safe
  • Eliminates potential carer and driver muscle or back injury
  • Reduces loading time of wheelchair occupants
  • Easy connection of wheelchairs through lengthy retractable belt and snaplock karabiners
  • Compatible with all wheelchair designs
  • Fast, straightforward installation with minimal vehicle interior modifications required – available by Mobility Networks’ engineers in certain regions
  • Minimal interior fixings ensure vehicle resale value is maintained if unit is removed


  • up to 500kg pulling power up to a 12.5 degree slope
  • 12v - 20A power input
  • Generous 6.5 m loading belt with karabiners
  • Standard and wide connecting belt options
  • Anti-roll back, obstruction and overload safety sensors
  • Emergency release
  • Ergonomic, intuitive roaming hand controller
  • Quick release safety belt catch