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Stretcher Cassette Lift

Stretcher Cassette Lift

This rear access stretcher lift is a specialist, telescopic accessible platform that is fully-automatic and deploys from an underfloor cassette.

This rear access lift from PLS is the only cassette design available today suitable for stretchers.

It has been designed in close collaboration with major ambulance body builders and manufacturers of the latest specification stretchers. The lift is stowed externally under the ambulance floor in a compact and unobtrusive galvanised cassette box that protects the platform, bridging plate and mechanisms from corrosion. When operated via a simple two-button roaming controller, the lift will automatically deploy in less than 60 seconds.

A safe, strong extended platform is then available with handrails for lifting and lowering patients. All platform surfaces are covered in high grip cleating and automatic ‘rolloff stops’ ensure safety at all times. Its long 1780mm platform gives adequate room for all front line ambulance personnel and their stretcher-bound patients, to travel together during lifting or lowering. This increases safety and the ability for paramedics to fully attend to patient needs during transfer.

Through advanced engineering, this longer platform still remains completely stable when in operation and PLS fitters can provide super-strength securement to the vehicle floor. It is suitable for the vast majority of ambulances across the world and is ideal for high traffic usage.

Precision-engineered mechanisms, high quality components and proven world-class electronics deliver steady and smooth lifting.

Vehicle Applications:


  • The only stretcher cassette lift available on the market
  • Strong, durable and safe for high traffic PTS usage and front line operation
  • Increased patient care as paramedics can travel on lift simultaneously
  • Strong, durable and safe
  • High quality, reliable components that are proven to perform
  • Minimised down time through straightforward servicing and safety checking
  • No reduction of internal vehicle space
  • No additional noise with anti-vibration features as standard
  • Broadest range of options for tailor made specification
  • Fast, no hassle on site installation by skilled PLS engineers

Features/technical specification:

  • Platform usable size: 825mm (w) x 1780mm (l)
  • Cassette size: 1000mm (w) x 1420mm (l) x 180mm (d)
  • SWL 400kg
  • Lift standard weight: 225kg
  • Twin red rubber coated handrails
  • Anti slip platform with high visibility edging strips
  • Longer/wider automatic bridging plate that incorporates a new, low-maintenance mechanism
  • Cassette design engineered to be compatible with all ambulance types
  • Self levelling, roll-off stop for even contact with uneven terrain
  • Vibration proofed fixings and components
  • Manual override on all systems with emergency auxiliary hand pump
  • 2-button pendant control
  • Advanced mechanism securement to vehicle available from PLS engineers


  • Lifting capability upgrades (400kg max)
  • Extendable handrails
  • Automatic box lock
  • Flashing or static LED warning lights
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosion package
  • Box micro fitted to enable a correct stowage signal
  • Audible warning device
  • 2 x remote controllers that include illumination and/or wireless operation
  • Flush mounted door control option
  • Additional handsets
  • Lift cycle counter
  • Lift Bumper Step – for external access over lift when stowed (IVA compliant)
  • Doorsafe II – secures rear doorway of the vehicle when lift is being operated
  • Stop-Safe Standard – anti roll-off barrier that is manually slotted into platform end
  • Stop-Safe Lite – anti roll-off barrier that is manually slotted into platform end (lightweight alloy construction)
  • Stop-Safe Ultra – incorporates safety belts for higher safety specification when loading passengers

Safety compliance:

  • SWL and CE certificates issued
  • LOLER Installation Compliance
  • Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA, BS6109 and IVA 2009 compliant
  • Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)
  • ISO accredited production