Italian Manufacturer Caroil System Shows Impressive Growth in 2016 Under Its First Year of Management by Mobility Networks. | Passenger Lift Services

Italian Manufacturer Caroil System Shows Impressive Growth in 2016 Under Its First Year of Management by Mobility Networks.

Mobility Networks, the international specialist in access solutions for wheelchair accessible vehicles, is very pleased with the impressive results achieved by the team at Caroil System in 2016.

24 March, 2017

Via the acquisition of Caroil, the Mobility Networks Group took another significant step forward towards the creation of a worldwide manufacturing and sales network with a global customer base. The investment in Caroil gave Mobility Networks access to a highly capable and experienced team that is now very much part of the Mobility Networks family. In its twenty-two years, Caroil System has developed a large portfolio within the mobility range, manufacturing city bus ramps, inboard and cassette lifts sold in over twenty countries worldwide to a local and growing customer base.

Caroil System has further developed its capability of fast and lean product development driven by customer and market needs. The local and group management teams are committed to building a great company that will play an integral role in the global vision of the Mobility Networks Group. 

Caroil System’s 6000sqm manufacturing facility is located in Lombardy, northern Italy, in the centre of the Italian industrial region famous for its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Together with its sister company, PLS - Passenger Lift Services (UK) - and parent company Mobility Networks, Caroil is able to offer the largest vehicle access range in the market, ensuring that there is a solution for all accessible vehicle needs.

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The Mobility Networks Group

Established in 2014 with worldwide headquarters in Kent, UK, Mobility Networks is the leading multi-national specialist in accessible vehicle solutions. It provides a single source for all the latest innovations in vehicle access solutions from across the world. With a portfolio that is continually expanding, its products currently include vehicle access lifts, ramps, hatches, door opening systems and wheelchair accessible vehicle, lowered floor conversion kits.

Mobility Networks combines global expertise with local knowledge to deliver a world-class service. Its multi-lingual team is fully committed to resolving the needs of vehicle specifiers, bus and coach convertors and transport operators. This ensures all aspects of worldwide accessibility, safety and legislative conformity are met now and in the future. Mobility Networks’ pioneering products are synonymous with quality and reliability and are further enhanced by a holistic support programme that provides proven design consultancy, installation and servicing.

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Caroil System, Gonzaga, Lombardy, Italy.